After a longer Corona break, Soulimage are resuming work on new ideas for the third album and are preparing for upcoming live shows. Moreover the band has separated from the keyboarder Michael Popp.
On 26 February 2021 Soulimage are gonna publish their new single „Imperium“ to set the stage and fire up the mood for their upcoming album. . In comparsion to the last album „Human Kind – Animal Mind“ the new song has an additional proper pinch of heavy metal influences thrown into the mix, nonetheless Soulimage never neglect the electronic, grooving foundation that has always formed their style. The result is a kick-ass mixture of steamrolling guitars and melodic synthies with Rob’s voice being the familiar bond that keeps it all together. It will immediatly find its way into the listeners‘ ears and necks. 
Soon it's time! We hope so much, that our first show will take place, after more than eight months since the pandemic! We are optimistic! On 23. and 24.10.20 you can finally see us live again on stage in Landshut at the Rockock-Festival 2020!! Crystallion, Rushmoon and Crossplane will also rock the stage at "Alte Kaserne"!! Get your tickets on Eventim.de now, as the number of visitors is limited on both days. That's why all bands are ready to perform for you on two days! This will be a real festival - a Rockock festival!! 
Due to current events, the show at Airport Obertraubling with Maerzfeld was moved from 26.04. to 11.09.20. Your tickets will of course remain valid! The show in Teisendorf on 22.05.20 has not yet been moved. We will announce more information about postponements here and on social media. We look forward to seeing you again soon and wish you all the best in this difficult times. Stay at home and healthy!


Soulimage is already working on the songs for the third album. The music again shows influences from different areas of wave and metal and sometimes even seems symphonically progressive, without losing the catchiness. A release date cannot be set at this time. Soulimage will work on the new album and take their time for it with a lot of energy. But the title can already be revealed. The new work will be called "out of the shadows". So we can be curious.

Michael Popp has been enriching the band on the keyboards since mid-October. The thoroughbred musician is the youngest member of the band and impressed with his musicality already in the first rehearsal session with Soulimage.

The third single "animal mind" was released on 27.10.2019 and is already popular with the fans. The video for the single takes a little bit longer. Model Brina Kazuma and Christian Schüller (CS-Photopraphy) shoot the scenes for the clip based on the script by Rob E. Soul on oct. 04th. Schtifilms will of course produce the video again. So beware! It's going to be hot in autumn! So you can be tense.

Last week Soulimage entered the  "German Alternative Charts" from 0 to 7 with their single  "human kind ". In week 2, the song even climbs to the legendary 2nd place of the DACs!


Even before the release of the second album  "human kind-animal mind ", the longplayer clearly resonated with fans and received good reviews from magazines such as Sonic Seducer, er-em-online or Deepground magazine. 
The new video  "human kind " has been completed. Schtifilms did a great job again. The new video will be released via Echozone on May 31, 2019, coinciding with the single. In addition, the new album  "human kind-animal mind" will definitely be released on May 31, 2019!
The band around frontman Rob E. Soul is complete again, preparing for upcoming live shows from January 2019. With Patty Juhasz (guitar), Torsten Schmalz (bass) and Martin Herzinger (drums), Soulimage will be seen live again with new songs. More news on this in early 2019.
Soulimage will release their second album "human kind-animal mind " in spring 2019 via Echozone.
Robert Eberl is currently working on new songs, which are expected to be published in spring 2019 on the second longplayer "human kind -animal mind". The singer and songwriter plans to set up Soulimage new in the future, after bassplayer Jürgen Igl and drummer Luck Willecke have left the band for priority reasons. Burbn Rabenherz (guitar) is currently working on his soulproject Rabenherz. Whether he and Robert Eberl will work together again in the future is still unclear. Robert announces, however, that despite all the turbulence, the plan for Soulimage stands.



Unfortunately, the band had to cancel the last two shows for 2017 because of a more protracted illness of the bandleader Robert Eberl. The work on the second album also had to be forcibly postponed for an indefinite time. But Robert promises: "The second album will definitely come and will be just as good as the debut. However, the singer and composer cannot yet determine when the new songs are finished and matured accordingly.



The keyboardplayer and producer Stefan Siegl leaves the band because of private reasons. A successor is not yet found.



This year the band will be seen live a few more times (see Livedates). Meanwhile Soulimage worked on the new ideas and compositions for the 2nd album, which will bear the title "Human Kind -Animal Mind" and expected to be released in autumn 2018.


Soulimage contributes a own version of the song "Get you closer" for the upcoming "And One" Tribute CD.


On 09 december Soulimage publish the second same named single from the album "the whole universe". In addition to several remixes by various artists the
previously unreleased song "demons" will be heard on the single .
Already in september a live video have been captured by Schtifilms at a private party in Regensburg. The video will be released with the single by Echozone.


Soulimage play as co-headliner in Munich at the beginning of the Evo-lution Tour!


What a start! The debut album "the whole universe" at number 5 of the German alternative charts!


Ten days after the release of the debut-album "the whole universe" is already in the bullets of the German Alternative Charts.


The debut album "the whole universe" will be released in four days. First, the album was already praiseworthy reviewed in the Orkus-magazine and on various online platforms. Soulimage are also in an interview in the current edition of Orkus-magazine and in the upcoming summer-edition of Sonic Seducer.


The first album single "can you feel me" was released. Furthermore Soulimage performed live together with Florian Grey and Bitch&Chips.


The work on "the whole universe" reaches the final phase. The first single "can you feel me" from the upcoming album will be released 2016-02-18.


It is further worked diligently on the debut album. Currently vocals, guitar and synth are in focus.


The Video "Generator" made it on the Sonic Seducer end-of-year review DVD 2015.


The work on the debut album "the whole universe" are in the hot phase now.
Actually the details of the rhythm section are in focus.


Soulimage succeed in "Generator" to be the first track on the ORKUS! Compilation CD.


Soulimage proudly presents the "generator" video. The video was just uploaded to the youtube channel Soulimage.



The shooting of "generator" is completed. The video is produced by Schtifilms and is to be seen everywhere from November.


Soulimage stand shortly before the shooting of the video "generator". Preparations are in full swing.



Soulimage planning a video clip for "generator! Start shooting in September


Indra Moktan has left the band in April 2015. The new man on the lead guitar is called "Burbn" and works currently on the album songs.



The EP "Generator" is now available in over 300 online stores all over the world! Check it out!



Soulimage releases the brand new EP on march 30th, 2015. The EP will have 3 songs from the new album “the whole universe”.



Soulimage is complete again. Stefan Siegl (ex „Soul in sadness“) is the man on keyboards and for the album production.



The band works with a new guitarist since mid october. Indra Moktan from Nepal sets a new course to the music and offer a broad musical talent.



Soulimage formed again with a new rehearsal room and a new instrumention. Jürgen Igl on bass settled in perfectly and give Soulimage the perfect pulse.



After a break, the studio work on the debut album „the whole universe“ was revived and Soulimage develops further with bass man Jürgen Igl. The growth of the band also brings a change of the rehearsal room. Soulimage develops from an electro-project to a band. This is also reflected in the first album of the band. “the whole universe” will sound hand-made, but nonetheless not lose the electronic influence. The musicians do not commit to a release date, time will tell when “the whole universe” is ready to be published.


With start of the promotion, „Don’t Tell Me How It Hurts“ was clicked 1000 times in a month. So “Don’t Tell me How it Hurts” was released as second single on February 16th. The single also contains a DEE NEEDLE remix, as well as a studio instrumental mix.