Vocals: Rob E. Soul
Guitars: Patty Juhasz
Bass: Torsten Sieg
Drums: Stephan Straubinger

Soulimage was created in 2005 by Robert Eberl (composition, vocals, text). During the first live shows in 2006/07, the front man and singer worked with Daniel Pinter alias DJ Dee Needle on electro-pop arrangements. After several line-up changes, it was initially quiet about Robert Eberl's band. During this time he composed more songs for Soulimage and kept his project alive. The music developed more and more into "synth rock" and Soulimage mutated into a real rock band. Since autumn 2014 Soulimage has been rocking the stages again with new songs. The music allows a range that is characterized by 80s synth-pop, wave, blues rock, heavy metal and also classical influences. The sometimes hard but also melancholy songs arise from the singer's spontaneous emotions and sometimes have a radio-friendly character. The content of the lyrics and the musical elements combine to form an overall concept and are based on different, subjective attitudes, but also on general world events. With “human kind”, “how to live, how to hope, how to die”, “generator”, “animal mind” or “charity”, the composer Robert Eberl's ingenuity succeeds in creating catchy tunes that resemble ballads rock songs range to harder metal songs. The individual musical influences of the band members create a unique style of music that has many facets and combines electronic sounds with hard guitars. Already on the debut album "the whole universe" from 2016, the musicians from Soulimage offer their musical spectrum from more than 20 years of band and stage experience. At the end of 2018, however, the singer and songwriter separated from the band members and still worked on new songs and ideas. The result was the concept for the second long player "human kind - animal mind", for which Patty Juhasz (ex Crystallion, ex Dorsetshire) already recorded the guitars. With the title track “human kind” the first single from the album climbed to number 2 in the German Alternative Charts directly behind Rammstein's “Deutschland”. For the absolute icing on the album, Robert Eberl was able to win over violinist Shir Ran Yinon (New Model Army, Haggard, Eluveitie, etc.), who can be heard on 5 selected songs on the album. In the meantime, Patty J. became a member of Soulimage. He and the frontman Rob E. formed the band again and brought the bass player Torsten Sieg (ex Four Kings, Symmetris) into Soulimage. With Martin Herzinger (Crystallion) a temporary drummer could be found. The drummer Stephan Straubinger (ex Dying Gorgeous Lies) has been a permanent member of Soulimage since 2020 and gives the music the punch it needs. The band separated from Michael Popp, who played the keyboards for Soulimage for a few months.

The dark rockers are currently working on new ideas again and already released a new single called "Imperium" in February 2021, which also hit the German Alternative Charts. Patty J., who created the instrumental for the song, will continue to work as a composer together with Rob E.. After a lengthy creative break, the four musicians will soon be working on the concept for the third album "Pandemonium", which is to be released in 2022.