Vocals: Rob E. Soul
Guitars: Patty Juhasz
Keyboards: Michael Popp
Bass: Torsten Schmalz
Drums: Stephan Straubinger


Soulimage was created by Robert Eberl (composition, lyrics, vocals) in 2005. The frontman and singer cooperated during the first live shows 2006 and 2007 with Daniel Pinter, alias Dee Needle, on electro pop arrangements. After several changes in the band, the band became quiet, while Robert Ebel composed several songs for the band and while he kept the project itself alive. From 2010 to 2014, Christian Mühl was member of Soulimage, adding to the band with his versatile riffs. Robert Eberl started to call his music „Synth-Rock“ for the first time then, which proved popular with the audience. Another musical assest is Luck Willecke, drummer since 2012, who exibited his talent already in 2001 with Robert Eberl and Christian Mühl in the band „Noise Hazard Area“. Since 2014, Stefan Siegl (keyboards, production) and Jürgen Igl (bass) are members of the band and create the typically forceful and ambient emotional sound. The guitarplayer "Burbn" is the new member since may 2015 and completes the band.

Since autumn 2014 Soulimage rocks the stages with new songs again. The music offers a bandwidth influenced by 80th Synth-Pop, Wave, Bluesrock, Heavy Metal, as well as classical elemements. The partially hard, but also melancholical songs result from the singer’s spontaneous emotions, but also have broadcasting character. The content and musical elements of the texts unify to a holistic concept and are based on different subjective feelings, but as well on contemplated world affairs. By his ingenuity, the composer is able to create synthrock driven catchy songs like „the whole universe“, "angel heart“, "generator", "don't tell me how it hurts" or „change the world. Influenced by the individual band members musical influence, a unique style of music is created, that differs from electonical standards. On the debut album “the whole universe”; the musicians of Soulimage offer a musical bandwidth from more than 20 years of experience in bands and on stage.

Robert Eberl is currently working on new songs, which are expected to be published in spring 2019 on the second longplayer "human kind -animal mind". The singer and songwriter plans to set up Soulimage new in the future, after bassplayer Jürgen Igl and drummer Luck Willecke have left the band for priority reasons. Burbn Rabenherz (guitar) is currently working on his soulproject Rabenherz. Whether he and Robert Eberl will work together again in the future is still unclear. Robert announces, however, that despite all the turbulence, the plan for Soulimage is fixed.


Soulimage 2019