The er-em-online magazine writes about the new single "imperium":

This thing bangs like hell!! Dieses Ding geht höllisch ab!!

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"human kind - animal mind" is bound to be a turning point in the career of this electro-metal band because it's a powerful trip Chain D.L.K.



Robert Eberl aka Rob E. Soul on the development and statement of the upcoming album "human kind - animal mind":

The world has changed. It's not going to go down, but it is changed dramatically. Most people look rather black when they look into the future. What is growing behind our emotions and fears? This question we really should all be aware of. "Human kind-animal mind" asks us this question and gives the answer partly raw and expressive. The human brain is a master in discovering lurking dangers. We look for possible threats in all corners and angles. But our ability to also perceive good news is no longer very pronounced in us. We walk blindly and nailed through our lives and pay less attention to fellow human beings and to what humanity should actually be – humanity. The cover shows me, blind with ambition, taken from the black animalic power of fame, egocentric and bigotry. Black tears pour out under the glued eyes, as a sign of the fear seething in us. Driven by world affairs and the associated growing insecurity.

Most of us get into a room at some point in the course of their lives, which they would rather not know, but which cannot be circumvented. But if we try to look more closely, we might find that this space is perhaps not so bad and that we have again gained more space for our lives. We could develop new visions in order to come out of limited ways of thinking that have been defining our framework for generations. The circumstances are always as they are, but how we deal with them is in our hands. Every night, 350 million children lay down hungry to sleep. We are in the midst of a crude revolution. The world will change radically over the next few decades and we will enter into a dimension of darkness or light. It's up to our intervention in which direction we drift. These two directions show the arrows and the sides of the front view separated in black and white. Inside the booklet you will find me with open eyes, marked by the scars of the past, but still insightful and determined. Happy and satisfied. Because the best things in life are free. Good thoughts, forgiveness, compassion, love, respect and peace. We do not need much money, but a large heart. Long-range missiles and fighter planes cost a lot of money. But there is still hope. And this hope is not the hope for many years of life. It is the hope of joy and love in the time we dwell here in our world. Not only the cover of the album, but especially the songs on it, have exactly this message. For example, "charity" is a self-explanatory number that will bring you all together and show you: "be there for each other!" But also songs like "break the silence" or "children of tomorrow" give the statement of the album in a very special way. The upcoming album "human kind – animal mind" by Soulimage may also meet the core statement like Neale Donald Wash's book: "God's Message to the world – you didn't understand me!".





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